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KSO-200 system

KSO-200 is an equipment system providing the Be-200 aircrafts of the Russias Emergency Situations Ministry with air search and rescue capabilities.

KSO-200 Components and its Arrangement

The KSO-200 working station in the aircraft cabin comprises:
  • Multipurpose display (KSO-200-0411);
  • Video monitor (MR-15);
  • Control panel of infrared imaging system TTGS (PU-007);
  • Interface unit of infrared imaging system TTGS (PU-007);
  • Video recording system (SVR-11-200).
  • Radar control panel 200813Ts (813-4905).
Under radome:
  • Radar antenna 200813Ts (813-0109.3);
  • Radar transceiver 200813Ts (813-5704).
Under wing:
  • Optoelectronic module of infrared imaging system TTGS (Lanner-M).


The B-200ChS aircraft equipment with KSO-200 system enables the following tasks to be carried out:
  • Search for ground and surface objects, their detection and identification;
  • Search and detection of fire seats;
  • Detection of alarm radars;
  • Determination of the detected objects terrestrial coordinates;
  • Data output to satellite communication systems for real-time transmission to the ground;
  • Data record and storage for subsequent analysis.
KSO-200 enables the mentioned tasks fulfillment in day and night conditions.

Fulfillment of these tasks will enhance the efficiency of Russias Emergency Situations Ministry aircrafts while performing search and rescue operations and fire extinguishing operations, enhance aircraft safety while extracting water from reservoirs, extend aircraft capabilities while fulfilling other needs for the Russias Emergency Situations Ministry.

St Petersburg enterprise Kontur-NIIRS has developed and manufactures the system.