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Optical-electronic system Laggar-D

Optical-electronic system Laggar-D

Laggar-D is to be installed on unmanned aircrafts, helicopters, aerostats and airships; it is designed for downward visibility (monitoring on-land and above-water objects) through a television camera. The gyrostabilized digital camera with a ten-fold optical zoom is placed in the compact case. The total system weight is 900 grams. Laggar-D main functions include:
  • detection of the above-water and on-land objects under day-time conditions;
  • identification of detected objects;
  • providing search and rescue operations with environment monitoring;
  • forming and outputting target designations;
  • detecting and monitoring technogenic or natural emergency sites;
  • monitoring large throngs and motor vehicles;
  • supporting police operations;
  • solving other specific tasks.


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