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Optical-electronic system Lanner-A (NV5-0101)

Optical-electronic system Lanner-A (NV5-0101)

Lanner-A (NV5-0101) is an autonomous gyrostabilized optical-electronic observation device. The device is an air-borne system for subsonic aviation and is designed for 24-hour and all-weather survey of the lower hemisphere (observation of surface and above-water objects) through television and infrared imaging channels.

The device provides the following capabilities:
  • measuring and outputting the angular orientation of the visor axis by relative bearing and elevation bearing;
  • automatic tracking of on-land and above-water mobile objects and keeping them on the visor axis;
  • pointing the visor axis according to external target assignment (relative bearing and elevation angle).

Lanner-A can be used for the following purposes:
  • detection of on-land and above-water objects in day-time and night-time conditions;
  • identification of detected objects;
  • supporting search and rescue operations, environment monitoring;
  • forming and outputting target assignment;
  • solving other specific tasks, including those related to emergency landing of the craft.

 Lanner-A (NV5-0101) on IL-38 Lanner-A provides observation through television and infrared imaging cameras having different fields of view and installed on a gyrostabilized platform. The system completely compensates for such factors negatively influencing image quality as vibration, pitching and rolling. The almost all-round view provided by the device is complemented by the digital filtration system for image quality improvement in adverse weather conditions (haze, fog, rain, dusk etc.). A low-light level high-resolution TV camera provides the capability to detect small-sized targets and identify them at great distances, including high-resolution picture in low illumination conditions.
 Lanner-A (NV5-0101) on IL-38
Lanner-A (NV5-0101) on IL-38

The body of the device is air-tight so it can be used in a wide range of conditions. For critical applications, it can be equipped with special units keeping the required thermal regimes and ensuring reliable operation in northern climatic conditions. These units decrease the warming-up time under below-zero temperatures of the ambient air.

Lanner-A is a modular system and it can be supplied in various composition sets for particular purposes specified by the customer. Due to a user-friendly standard interface, the device is easily combined with other systems (radars, weapon control systems, monitoring systems etc.).

Basic specifications:
Operating turn angles of the visor line

Operating turn angles of the visor line:
a) by azimuth
b) by elevation angle

200 angular degree
-20 +110 angular degree
Maximum turning rate of the visor line 40 angular degrees/sec
View angle sizes in the television channel:
a) wide view angle
b) narrow view angle

9 12 angular degrees
2.3 3.0 angular degrees
View angle sizes in the infrared imaging channel:
a) wide view angle
b) narrow view angle

6 9 angular degree
Two-times electronic zooming-in of the video image
Weight of the device no more than 60 kg


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