About us

Since its establishment in 1991, Karat has developed and produces sophisticated high-technology systems for the Air Force and Navy. Our vast research and technological expertise and highly skilled staff mean that we can successfully implement the most ambitious projects.

The main directions in the engineering developments of Karat are:
  • gyrostabilization of different optical-electronic units, radar antennas, television antennas, etc.;
  • guidance and automatic tracking systems;
  • optical systems;
  • laser systems;
  • electronic devices;
  • software systems;
  • algorithms and devices for intelligent image processing.

Today, we manufacture devices and systems in various deployments for stabilization, observation, automatic tracking, recognition and target designation, support systems for satellite and stationary telecasting for marine vessels.

The high level of reliability and service life of the whole range of products manufactured by Karat is ensured by the multilayered quality system for the products, product testing in different critical temperatures, moisture load and vibration indication. Quality is also guaranteed by the regular certification of the ISO 9001 Military Register quality management system.