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CS Bagheera-M

The Bagheera-M Control System (CS) is a weapons system to control shipborne anti-aircraft artillery of 30 to 100 mm bore and unguided missiles of 122 or 140 mm caliber. The system supports includes engagement of airborne targets (including low altitude), off-shore and on-shore targets (visible or invisible).

The Bagheera-M CS contains the three following antenna arrangements (sensors):

The Bagheera-M CS simultaneously performs the following:
  • Target search and detection using a 360 degree scan, automatic tracking of up to 20 targets in observation mode and discrete tracking of the four most dangerous targets of the 20 (with the use of APhA);
  • Automatic tracking of two targets and engaging them (with the use of DI Sphere-02 and the  Cassegrain antenna).
Two targets can be engaged while maintaining the 360 degree scan mode and without data loss, which enables you to engage the four most dangerous targets with a fire transfer time not exceeding two seconds.

The Bagheera-M CS is a digital weapons system implemented on a modern element base using micro-processors operating in real time and is completely programmable.

The displays are chromatic, implemented on the base of LCD panels.

The control is provided with the use of piezoelectrical buttons and touch-pads. Automatic record of the CS operation results is embedded.

The total number of devices is determined by the Article version and varies from 5 to 10; the CS weight is 900 to 2500 kg including the Modernized antenna post which is of 600 kg. The Modernized antenna post uses digital tracking gearless drives based on torque motors. The DI instrument combines four antenna APhA modules and opto-electronic sight Sphere-02 with optical, infrared and laser channels. Note: The APhA modules can be located on the ship superstructures.

The Bagheera-M CS has an operation range of 45 km for radar and 25 km for Sphere-02. Automatic tracking RMS errors:
  • For Sphere-02, relative azimuth and elevation errors amount (0.1 to 0.2) mils, range error amounts 3 m;
  • For radar, relative azimuth and elevation errors amount (0.5 to 0.6) mils, range error amounts 5 m.
Protection against active and passive jamming is provided.
Mean time to failure is at least 350 hours.
The CS life time to factory repair is no less than 15,000 hours.

The following devices, providing alternate engagement methods, are embedded into the Bagheera-M CS:
  • Television optical device (TOD);
  • Optical column (instrument 1-). Note: The 1A-M instrument is optional.
Communications with external ship systems and weapons are performed through digital interfaces of Manchester or Ethernet-1000 types. Analog signals reception and issue are provided for.

The Bagheera-M CS is supplied with power by a 3-phase, 220 V, 400 Hz.

The CS comprises firmware radar and Sphere-02 simulators enabling the CS technical parameters monitoring, staff training and on-site CS acceptance without costly combat support. Application of AWSes (devices -1 and -2) and computation systems (devices VS-123-02 SM and PS) makes the Bagheers CS extremely easy to upgrade and integrate into shipborne systems.

The Bagheera-M CS can be installed on ships of all classes. The Bagheera-M CS customization to specific ship design is carried out according to ship specifications and intersystem data exchange protocols.

The Bagheera-M CS is released in three versions:

Izumrud (Vladivostok) is a vendor of the Bagheera-M fire control system.