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Bagheera-M system operational 

At the end of 2010 the interdepartmental tests for modernized shipboard fire control system Bagheera-M (R-123-02/03-04) were carried out. Upon tests results, the symbol -1 was assigned to the technical documentation and the system was made operational in the Russian Armed Forces.

Bagheera-M (manufactured by Izumrud) is a high-accuracy three channel day&night and all-weather gun mount and uncontrolled missile weapon fire control system. The system can be installed on ships of any class and is designed to resolve a wide range of tasks:
  • Search;
  • Detection;
  • Identification;
  • Acquisition;
  • Automatic tracking;
  • Determination of current position and motion parameters;
    of aerial, surface and shore targets independently or on guidance from detecting stations and data collection and processing systems.

Besides, the system provides data output for firing taking into account the vessels own motion and maneuvers, analyzing miss distance, as well as inputting updates and fire data for attacking sea and shore targets. Bagheera-M FCS (fire control system) incorporates radar, television and thermal channels which guarantee effective system operation for targets at ranges up to 45 km.

If compared to the earlier versions, the modified version of Bagheera-M has several significant advantages both in hardware and software. It is very important that the modification reduced significantly the total system weight to enable its application on all classes of military vessels. 

Karat produces and supplies a number of devices and systems as Bagheera-M components. In particular, the on-deck device Sphere-02 is used as a television, and infrared channel and a radar channel is stabilized using modernized antenna post.
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